Bundle and Stow

Bundle and Stow is a line of Buy-It-For-Life organizing and travel goods.

You carry your creativity with you, we help you carry your supplies too. We help you protect, store, organize, admire, relish in, and bundle up your precious writing utensils, your most beloved mark making tools, your everyday creative carry. 

XL / 96 Pencil Roll Up / Buy it For Life

XL / 96 Pencil Roll Up / Buy it For Life


Your love of color runs deep. It is not enough to have a small selection of hues and shades, you must collect them all. Sometimes that looks like the entire 96+ collection of colored pencils in one place. Or maybe you are a lettering artist and love your dash of gel pens, micron pigmas, tombow markers, brush pens, and fountain pens.

This XL (That's Extra Large) pencil roll holds at least 96+ colored pencils or craft supply equivalent. Don't let your eyes get too big for your roll though... The pockets are designed for maximum versatility and padded protection so don't expect to fill every single one!


* Fifteen inside pockets ranging in depth 2", 4", 5"

* Extra-long strong cotton ties

* Long fold-over flap accommodates variety of heights

* Sturdy cotton canvas construction

* Double canvas protection to keep your pencil tips safe

* Arrives empty ready for your tools

*Buy it For Life Guarantee


Open, this roll measures 16" wide by about 17" tall. Rolled up it is like the a small art arsenal of awesome.

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