Collaborative Enterprise

I believe the empowerment of communities to build anew requires access to healthy affordable food; worker and community owned businesses that provide foundational community services + goods; and collaborative enterprise to build the capacity of our local economy.

No wonder I was sparked by the Gem City Market Co-operative when I heard two gems speak about it at PechaKucha Dayton Vol. 31.

Owning my grocery store...

Owning my grocery store...

I became a member-owner almost immediately after learning about the Gem City Market (GCM), the almost is because it took me dedicated time to make it through the by-laws and governance documents before signing and committing my $100.

If you’re in Dayton, Ohio; and believe access to healthy food is an issue of justice not bottom line profits: I encourage you to join the Gem City Market movement.

One share/One person. $100 once; or in 10 of $10; or for people who receive federal assistance: $10 once.

If you’re already a member, there is so much fun to be had volunteering with other engaged citizens doing their best to disrupt the massive food desert of West Dayton. ( getinvolved@gemcitymarket.com )

Small Business and Co-op Workshops

Small Business and Co-op Workshops

I was delighted to help facilitate a small portion of a recent co-op business workshop put on by Welcome Dayton; Dayton Hispanic Chamber; Greater Dayton Union Co-op Initiative; and Advocates for Basic Legal Equality.

We had participants interested in starting a variety of co-operatives. Perhaps a cleaning co-op; or a construction co-op; or a sewing and crafts co-op.

As I learned from those 7 years running a 6-member worker-owned bicycle repair shop in Portland, Oregon… it takes training and a shift in mindset to go from “employee” to “worker-owner.”

I am so happy to be connected with local organizations whose purpose is to provide that training and opportunity for shift.