Hello! Hi! I’m Rachel Dominguez-Benner and go by Rachel DB.

On-site at a private party, teaching the themed Craftivity!

On-site at a private party, teaching the themed Craftivity!


Rachel DB


I double-majored in Graphic Design and Metalsmithing at the Stamps School of Art and Design, University of Michigan. After teaching Graphic Design and Fashion Redesign at a summer enrichment program on the East Coast, I went on to open a bicycle repair shop in Portland, Oregon; start a micro-manufacturing business Bundle and Stow; teach personal budgeting to financial planning clients; and move cross-country with my husband Ian to Dayton, Ohio.

My personal artistic practice was re-ignited, after a decade-long hiatus, by a personal finance workshop centered around drawing. After helping illustrate a creative guide to financial wisdom; learning from library books about intuitive painting; and wishing for a way to bring my creative expression to those canvas goods over at Bundle and Stow...

I leapt at the opportunity to study with master printer Tim Eads at Penland School of Arts and Crafts in 2017. The two and half week screen printing workshop in the hills of North Carolina opened up a universe of creative possibilities and I came home with over a dozen yards of original self-printed fabric. 

Without full screen printing facilities in Dayton, I've returned my artistic practice to painting: both on paper in daily practice, and on stretched canvases featured on this site. 

I like to approach a blank canvas and relax my gaze at it until a color pops into my mind. That is where all of my paintings start: in the moment of color inspiration. From there, the painting is like capturing a conversation the colors are chattering away.

My abstract paintings unfold and materialize within the act of creating them. The canvases are worked in various stages of wet and dry and are physically rotated on the easel throughout their creation sometimes never settling on a “right-way-up.”